ARP L19 Head Studs for Honda B Series Engines

ARP L19 Head Studs for Honda B Series Engines SALE


$355.00 $380.00

This is the head studs we use on all of our SFWD Cars!

ARP L19 Head Studs for Honda / Acura B18C, B18C1 & B18C5 Engines

When you are ready to step up to the baddest head studs on the market for high boost / horsepower turbocharged applications the ARP L19 Head Studs are your go to choice.

This is a premium steel that is processed to deliver superior strength and fatigue properties. L19 is a very high strength material compared to 8740 and ARP2000 and is capable of delivering a clamp load at 260,000 psi. It is primarily used in short track and drag racing applications where inertia loads exceed the clamping capability of ARP2000. Like most high strength, quench and temper steels – L19 requires special care during manufacturing to avoid hydrogen embrittlement. This material is easily contaminated and subject to stress corrosion. It must be kept well-oiled and not exposed to moisture.

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