Fastest Honda in England and Europe - Calvin Skerritt



Calvin Skerritt came to us for advice in 2013 and he had one goal in mind, to be the fastest FWD Honda in Europe.  He was very knowledgeable on what he wanted and we just guided him in the right direction and parts on how to attain his goal.


The results speak for themselves.  Calvin is now the fastest FWD Honda in England and Europe with a 9.11@167. He is also the fastest small tire FWD car in Europe!


In his first outing, he qualified #2 with a 9.12 and was a runner up in the 2014 FWD Drag Series - Sponsored by Competition Clutch - Jap Show - Santa Pod Raceway  Here's the video recap of the event:


This series is run what you brought FWD Car.  Here's more info about the series:

Even though it's a "run what you brung" type of event, Calvin wanted to build a car that is in a SFWD Platform/Rules.


We are looking forward to what he will do in the remaining of the 2014 season and we know that he will have that elusive 8 second pass real soon!


Calvin... congratulations on your personal best and we couldn't be any prouder of your accomplishments!  Thank you for letting us and Felix on being part of your build!


Allan, Rolando and Felix




Pictures by: A.Ghaffur W-M