Customer Cars!

Customer Cars!

Here at Dynamic Performance its not all about our shop car.  We take pride on building our customer cars on making it go fast but also to make sure it's built to show quality specs. It cost a good amount of money to build such cars so no short cut is taken and things are done right the first time.  We put as much hard work in them as much as our own shop car.  We can do simple work such as doing minor fabrication all the way to complete builds!  After the builds, we make sure we are there to give you track support.

We love seeing our customers happy, them being proud of their cars and sometimes even going FASTER than our own shop car at events.  This became a reality at the 2012 WCF when our shop car went 9.0@172, and four of our customer cars went quicker or faster than us at the same event!

Maybe it's time for you to have a DP Built car!

We provide many services from suspension install, transmission builds, motor swaps, electrical wiring, turbo kits, custom fabrication, roll cages, retail of parts and we also build competitive SFWD Race Cars.

Here are some of our customer cars. We thank every single one of them for giving us the opportunity to be a part of their build. Once you're part of our family, we will always be there!

Here are some of the cars we've built for our customers.


Owner: Calvin Skeritt
From: Leicester, United Kingdom
Car: 95 Honda Civic CX
Best ET: 9.11@167

Fastest and Quickest SFWD Car in England and Europe

Calvin Skerritt came to us for advice in 2013 and he had one goal in mind, to be the fastest FWD Honda in Europe.  He was very knowledgeable on what he wanted and we just guided him in the right direction and parts on how to attain his goal.



Owner: Carla Garcia - Carla Racing
From: Philadelphia, PA
Car: 95 Honda Civic Si
Best ET: 8.51@184

"I've taken my car to get worked on a few shops before it went to DP.  The other shops did a good job, but Rolando and Allan took my car to the next level.  We went to DP in 2010.  By the end of the 2010 season we broke the SFWD (Sport Front Wheel Drive) record with an 8.8 at the 2010 WCF.  I never expected that. Not only my car went fast, but she got the full quality show treatment.  Show and Go!!  Thank you guys!!!" - Carla Garcia

Owner: Paul Protacio - Alpha Racing
From: New Jersey
Car: 97 Honda Civic EX
Best ET: 9.1@176

"I brought my car to Dynamic Performance on February 2011 to have a roll cage put in.  After seeing the hard work and extra things they were doing for me I decided to have them build my whole car. Not only they went beyond my expectations, they even helped me get my NHRA Competition license and support me throughout the entire season. I ran my personal best of 9.1@176! That was much faster than when I let Allan or Rolando drive my car :-P. this just shows how passionate they are on making my car go fast. I couldn't be any happier. They are also building my new car. The resurrection of "Black Lavender". Thank you Allan and Rolando!!!!!" - Paul Protacio owner of "Black Lavender"  

Owner:  Bart Weiss 

From: NJ
Car: 92 Honda Civic
Best ET: 8.8@166

Bart Weiss held the record for the fastest B16 in the world for a long time with a 9.49.  However he wanted to be more competitive in the SFWD class and decided to team up with DP.  Since joining on board, he's gone much faster with his personal best of 8.88@166!



Owner:  Franklin Vu - AVID Racing
From: Canada
Car: 93 Honda Civic
Best ET: 8.9@173

"I brought my car to DP towards the end of 2011 season because I could not keep up running a business and building this race car.  This was the best investment that I made.  Right after they put my car together with the help of my tuner, Jason Hunt, I was able to run an 8 second pass in the 2011 WCF.  I've been with the guys from DP since then and I'm glad I did" -Franklin Vu

Owner:  Jowell Torres - Jowell Racing
From: Massachusetts 
Car: 94 Honda Civic
Best ET: 9.0@174

2012 was Jowell's first year of racing in the SFWD (Sport Front Wheel Drive) Class.  He's never driven a car that ran a 9 second e.t, but we were sure impressed with his driving.  He went to several semi-finals and won the FWD Battle in Capitol Raceway in 2012.  People have dubbed him "Rookie of the Year".  We are so proud of him and we can't wait to see what he has in store in 2013.

Owner:  Greg Saez
From: Connecticut
Car: 95 Honda Civic
Best ET: 9.0@171

Greg only went to three events last year.  However he was able to run his personal best of a 9.4@167 in 2012.  He has big plans in 2013 and at least to attend all the OGS events and compete in the SFWD Class!

Owner:  Gil Laboy
From: Connecticut
Car: 93 Honda Civic
Best ET: 9.0@167

Gil has been running strong this year (2013) and been running consistent mid 9 second pass. So proud of what he has accomplished so far.

Owner:  Mike EK
From: New York
Car: 99 Honda Civic
Best ET: 9.1@167

Mike EK brought his car to us in winter of 2012. Looking forward to see his car to go faster in 2013.
"After going through several shops with no progress, broken promises and lost money, I knew it was time to step it up and go to the right guys.  I'm so glad I went to DP.  They understood my goals and they set the right expectations.  They treated me like family.  I wouldn't go anywhere else" -Mike EK



Golden Eagle Mfg is the title sponsor for the DP SFWD Honda Civic for 2015

Hillsborough, NJ:  Dynamic Performance Racing has been utilizing Golden Eagle Mfg since they opened their doors for business in 2006. In 2010, Golden Eagle Mfg became an associate sponsor in DP's race program and it has been an incredible relationship ever since.

"Dynamic Performance has been a loyal client of ours for many years. For the 2015 season, we are proud to say that we will be the main title sponsor for their SFWD Honda Civic" said Bob Woodcock, owner of Golden Eagle Mfg. "Their proven track record from being the first to go 8's in SFWD trim in 2010, first to break the 180mph barrier in SFWD in 2013 and all the wins throughout the years made my decision easy at the end of the 2014 season to approach them with my proposal to become their main sponsor for their race team."

As of April 2015, Dynamic Performance will now be a Master WD dealer for all Golden Eagle Mfg products.

"We are honored to have them on board as a title sponsor on our shop car" states Rolando Blanco, co-owner of Dynamic Performance Racing.  "I've been such huge fan of Golden Eagle since the NHRA sport compact days. My favorite racer, Ed Bergenholtz, was titled sponsored by GE and I can't believe we are now a big part of the Golden Eagle team and their history. I'm completely humbled" states Allan Jimenez, co-owner of Dynamic Performance Racing.

In this partnership for 2015,  Dynamic Performance is committed to race 9 premier North East events held by OGS1320 (three Honda Days and the Big Three) and MDIR for their two iRev events and WCF.


For Over 26 years, Golden Eagle Manufacturing has been exemplifying standards in the machining industry. A commitment to quality and detailed craftsmanship comes from every product that Golden Eagle manufactures. From military hardware with military spec. tolerances in aerospace or government defense related uses, to our new passion for the sport compact market, Golden Eagle Manufacturing has proven itself to be a leader in anything it sets out to do.

We have always been known as the premier engine re-sleeving facility in the U.S. What you may not know is that we make products for many import performance companies as well. Well now we have taken the next evolution and produce a full product line directed specifically at sport compact racing. With our technical talent along with our sophisticated equipment, we are able to bring you some of the most innovative products on the market with unmatched dedication to quality. ALL hand-crafted and Made in the USA.

Our goal is to deliver maximum performance, regardless of cost. Our prices are far more competitive than our competitors, since we manufacture everything ourselves. We are committed to being the best and it shows in each and every product we deliver.

Our unrelenting effort to be the best is passed on to you by offering products that will out-perform, out-style, and out-wit our competition.

For more information about Golden Eagle Mfg, visit their website at


Dynamic Performance is based on the belief that our customers' needs are of the utmost importance. Our entire team is committed to meeting those needs. As a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals. We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry.

For more information about Dynamic Performance, visit


Fastest Honda in England and Europe - Calvin Skerritt



Calvin Skerritt came to us for advice in 2013 and he had one goal in mind, to be the fastest FWD Honda in Europe.  He was very knowledgeable on what he wanted and we just guided him in the right direction and parts on how to attain his goal.


The results speak for themselves.  Calvin is now the fastest FWD Honda in England and Europe with a 9.11@167. He is also the fastest small tire FWD car in Europe!


In his first outing, he qualified #2 with a 9.12 and was a runner up in the 2014 FWD Drag Series - Sponsored by Competition Clutch - Jap Show - Santa Pod Raceway  Here's the video recap of the event:


This series is run what you brought FWD Car.  Here's more info about the series:

Even though it's a "run what you brung" type of event, Calvin wanted to build a car that is in a SFWD Platform/Rules.


We are looking forward to what he will do in the remaining of the 2014 season and we know that he will have that elusive 8 second pass real soon!


Calvin... congratulations on your personal best and we couldn't be any prouder of your accomplishments!  Thank you for letting us and Felix on being part of your build!


Allan, Rolando and Felix




Pictures by: A.Ghaffur W-M



New Title Sponsor for Allan Jimenez SFWD Civic

Thank you for the support that they have given us the last two and a half years.  Without them our racing program wouldn't be where it is today. Thank you Brian, Francis and Hugo for your support and we are thankful and blessed for the opportunity you have given us. 

We were presented with a new opportunity a few weeks ago and it's in the best interest of our race program to venture into a new direction. will remain as an associate sponsor and we will be debuting the new title sponsor for Allan Jimenez SFWD Civic at Honda Day.  ESR will be focusing on a new car that will debut at Fall Nationals.  We wish ESR all the best with their new venture. 
The new title sponsor will be presented today at Honda Day. Stay tuned for the full press release by the end of the day.

Five of the DP Built Cars goes 170+ MPH at the 2012 WCF

Our last event from 2012. WCF at MIR. We struggled throughout last season but we ended strong. Five of our cars went 170+ MPH! We are looking forward to 2013!

Rolando DynamicPerformance "La Carla": 8.8@171
Jowell Torres: 9.0@174
Allan Jimenez: 9.0@172
Avid Racing-Franklin: 9.0@172
Paul Protacio: 9.1@176

Fuel Injector Clinic enters two of the Dynamic Performance Racing SFWD Cars in the SFWD Shootout at Fall Nationals

Dynamic Performance Racing is proud to announce that Fuel Injector Clinic will be entering our two race cars, the SFWD Civic and the Black Lavender SFWD Civic, to the Airwerks 2012 SFWD Shootout presented by Vibrant, Full-Race and ESR at Fall Nationals on October 6-7.

“We have worked with Fuel Injector Clinic since we opened our shop in June 2006 and never looked back.  Their product is exceptional and the customer service is first class!”  said co-owner Allan Jiminez. 

“Fuel Injector Clinic is excited to enter both of the Dynamic Performance race cars at the SFWD Shootout at Fall Nationals.  They have worked hard throughout this race season and they have shown a lot of determination and persistence in the SFWD class” said Jens von Holten of Fuel Injector Clinic. “We are delighted that they trust their race program to our awesome 2150cc and 1100cc Fuel Injector Clinic injectors and we let the race results speak for themselves!”

Honda Day Atco 2012: Dynamic Performance Update

This event genarated the largest crowd in the 50 year history of Atco Raceway.  Both spectator and racer tickets were sold out.  People who came late were turned away.  Simply put, this was a huge event.  For more information about this past event, you can vistit their website at
We made a big impact in the event because we were the fastest and quickest Honda at Honda Day (9.0@175). 
We had two cars at this event and both qualified in the field for our Sport Front Wheel Drive (SFWD) class.  Rolando qualified number two and Allan (driving a customers car) qualified number five.  Our class was the only full field out of all the heads up class.
Allan won first round but had a mishap with our valve guide during that pass so we could not compete in the next round.
Rolando went all the way to the finals but was DQ'd because of deep staging.  Deep staging is allowed in our class except for the index classes.  The light/beams was not resetted for our class.
Our car was consistent all weekend!
9.1@156 letting off.

Overall we made a huge impact on the event and represented/promoted our sponsors with pride.

We would like to thank all our sponsors!!!

Golden Eagle Mfg

CP Pistons


Fuel Injector Clinic

Fisher Automotive Machine



Eat Sleep Race


To see photos of our cars, please visit:

Dynamic Performance Racing 2012 Race Schedule

We have a very busy 2012 race season and we are looking forward to the challenge!  Compared to last year, we added four new events.  Two IFO events in Epping NH, The Inaugural Fall Import Revolution at MIR and our furthest event, the FWD Gamblers Race in Las Vegas.

In our first race in 2012, Honda Day at Atco Raceway, we will be racing three race cars in the SFWD Class.  The Civic EK, "La Carla"  Civic EG and Alpha Paul's True Street Civic.

Below is our 2012 Race Schedule.  Hope to see everyone there!

April 14-15:  Honda Day, Atco Raceway
April 28-29:  16th Annual Sport Compact Spring Nationals (Etown)
May 6:  IFO Las Vegas NV Gamblers FWD Race
May 20:  IFO Epping, NH - New England Dragway (3rd annual) 
June 30-July 1st:  17th Annual Import/Lowrider Summer Slam (Etown)
July 29:  Maryland International Raceway (MIR) 2nd annual Summer Import Revolution,
August 11-12: Honda Day (10th year Anniversary- Etown)
September 16:  Maryland International Raceway (MIR) Inaugural Fall Import Revolution,
October 6-7:  15th Annual Sport Compact Fall National (Etown)
October 14:  IFO Epping, NH - New England Dragway 
November 2-4:  Maryland International Raceway (MIR) World Cup Finals (Import vs Domestic) 

Our Sponsors