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ApexTurbo shook up the racing world in 2019 after unveiling their revolutionary new turbocharger at the Performance Racing Industry Expo  — setting a new standard for generating engine power.

The company — named after its revolutionary patented blade design — offers an original, never-before-seen hub-free wheel, proven to boost aerodynamics and maximize horsepower without increasing engine size.

Whether you are looking for a more powerful custom turbo for your competition-ready drag racing car, snowmobile or motorcycle, ApexTurbo’s groundbreaking technology raises the bar when it comes to high-powered turbochargers.

By eliminating the wheel fastener, ApexTurbo locked the compressor wheel to the hub, removing the need for torquing and over tightening, and ultimately, making the turbo much easier to service. Threading our turbine shaft into the wheel not only allows for a 15% bigger bite of air, but the hub-less blade results in a significantly stronger energy output than traditionally designed turbochargers.

No matter which of eight different designs you choose, ApexTurbo delivers a one-of-a-kind solution to ensure you will ride fast and finish first. Made in Michigan with American parts, our customizable turbochargers have already spread across the United States, Europe, Australia and Saudi Arabia. 

At ApexTurbo, we make power the point.

For more information about high-performance turbochargers from the experts at ApexTurbo, please contact us here or call us directly at 734.777.1380. 

ApexTurbo’s hub-free design maximizes aerodynamics and has been dyno proven to yield maximum horsepower without the need to increase frame size.

Dynamometer testing indicates an up to 20% increase in peak torque and an up to 20% increase in peak horsepower over leading competition high performance turbochargers.

  • Up To 20% More Torque

  • Up To 20% More Horsepower

  • Unique Wheel Design

  • Made in the USA