BLOX Racing Honda B20 Dowel Pins

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BLOX Racing is happy to reintroduce its LS VTEC Conversion Kit that offers Honda engine builders and performance DIYers a cost effective product that allows B18 and B20 engine blocks to be mated to B16A-B18C1-5 DOHC VTEC cylinder heads. This easy to install kit includes the necessary components to properly align the head and block together without any machining, and to properly set up the necessary oil feed from the block to the head. Now with VTEC, significant horsepower and torque gains can be realized with a wider ranging product line available through BLOX Racing. Choose BLOX Racing VTEC camshafts and valvetrain components to make more usable and reliable power. *INCLUDES* * Oil filter block adapter (sandwich plate) * 3/4 Boss to -6AN fitting ; Head to -6AN fitting * Steel braided, Teflon coated oil feed line * Alignment dowel pins * 1/8 NPT plugs