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The Bill Miller Engineering Forged Aluminum Connecting Rod dominates drag racing. It is unquestionably the number one aluminum rod choice.

The quickest, fastest drag racing car in the world is the U.S. Army/Don Schumacher Racing, Top Fuel Dragster. Tony Schumacher, the Army car's driver, won the 2008 NHRA Top Fuel title (fifth in a row and sixth, total), annihilated the competition winning 15 of 25 events in '08 and holds both ends of the Top Fuel National Record. Sheesh talk about Army Strong! Seems Schumacher's success comes, in part, because his engines are "BME strong."

Part of the phenomenal win record drag racers have racked-up with BME Rods came with a product which, until the mid-'90s, was made of 7075 aluminum, heat-treated to the T6 specification. In 1996, after a comprehensive research and development program, Bill Miller Engineering introduced connecting rods made of a new, highly-advanced, aerospace-derived, aluminum alloy. The Aluminum Company of America (Alcoa) originally developed this revolutionary alloy for the Boeing Company to use in wing spars and other high-strength, lightweight structures in military and commercial aircraft.