BorgWarner S400SX 80mm FMW Turbo

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Rated for 500-1250HP, the brand new 80mm S400SX FMW turbocharger is the 2nd largest T4 turbo in Borg Warner's Airwerks lineup, and one of their fastest spooling/most powerful T4 frame turbochargers ever developed. this turbo is ideal for people who want to make power levels typically seen with T6 turbos; but with better fitment, faster spool and without the need to change the manifold or downpipe. Using state-of-the-art blade aero on both the 80mm inducer/110mm exducer compressor and their brand new 87mm turbine wheel - this turbo is designed for efficient use in very high power and high boost applications. 

Full-Race recommends the 1.25 A/R be used, Journal Bearing and Oil Cooled only (watercooling and BB CHRA not applicable). 

Application Notes:

  • FMW (billet) extended tip compressor wheel for increased high boost performance and map width.
  • T4 divided footprint turbine housings, available in 1.10 A/R or 1.25 A/R with 4" V-band downpipe connection
  • 87mm turbine wheel made from Inconel 713 uses BW's latest J-type blade aero


Same turbo that is on Carey Bales Stree/Drag NHRA Record Holder S2000

"Everything worked very well together with the Full-Race manifold and 80mm S400SX. We saw under 1:1 when logging back pressure:intake manifold pressure up to 37psi, so that was awesome. our datalogs show: 23.7 PSI MAP 16.8 PSI EBP 28.2 PSI MAP 20.4 PSI EBP Looking back at the dyno data logs, we still weren't quite 1:1 at 36 PSI. Honestly, I know a lot of people say this, but there is a lot more in it. The one time we tried to run 40psi, it saw close to 1100hp at under 8000rpm.....YIKES!!!! We need to get this thing down the track first before we even think about turning it up. It made like 800 on spring IIRC...haha. 12-13psi springs and 8.9 @ 151 " -- Carey Bales