Advanced Seal Turbo Head Gasket - K Series Vtec K20/K24

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G.E. Advanced Seal Head Gaskets are perfect for high hp engine builds as well as daily driven. Our Advanced Seal Gasket upholds the standards our customers have come to rely on over the many years that we have been in business.

- G.E. Advanced Seal Head K-series Gaskets are stronger than OEM and other brands on the market. These Advanced Seal Head Gaskets are 0.033 thousands of an inch thick after crush/installation. They also work perfectly with our Copper ''O'' ring option in our sleeve service.When combined, a superb fire barrier is created that turbo combustion chambers need in high hp applications.

-Made from the highest quality pre-coated stainless steel/MLS to insure excellent seal properties. Individual Die-cut layers of stainless steel are manufactured with a + or - tolerance of 0.001 Thousands of an inch.

-Cylinder area is CNC machined to appropriate bore size and hand deburred.

-G.E. Advanced Seal Head Gaskets are specially made and designed with turbo applications in mind.

-Used on top winning race cars the world over from Import Drag Racing, Rallycross, Time attack and more.