CP Pistons Flat Top B-Series 9.7:1 Upgraded Wrist Pin

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This is the exact pistons we use on our ESR Sport Front Wheel Drive Civic EK.  83mm Bore, 9.7:1 Compression with the Upgraded Wrist Pins.  

CP Pistons is one of the most trusted names in the industry, and for good reason. Their extensive shelf catalog provides the user with many of the options that you'd normally be resigned to going to a custom piston for. Their standard offering already includes Dual Pin Oilers - providing double the amount of oil to the wrist pin, radiused valve relifs, and the pin fitting final hone on the wrist pin bore. They even include an Accumulator Groove as a standard option. This provides a small pocket for the combustion gasses to collect after the first ring, reducing ring flutter and providing a better seal allowing more downward force on the piston A.K.A. - make more power. All pistons come balanced within one gram, include pin lock grooves and wrist pins at no additional charge.