Drive Shaft Shop Honda DC/EG/EK Level 2.9 475whp

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Level 3.9 Axle/Hub system 600HP for Civic non-ABS w/ B-series motor and Hydraulic trans (1 year warranty). This axle/hub system is designed for the real fast street or drag cars with up to 600HP. This was our older (pre-2004) Level 5 system and we have brought it out of retirement due to the fact that a 600HP street car is now a normal thing. This has been one of the best systems for a Honda platform to date and is still a staple in most tuner shops around the world. The kit comes with both axles made from high grade aircraft quality material with billet inner CV housings and the outer CV is 20% larger than a factory one and is made from a proprietary material that is brutally strong. The kit comes with a custom hub that is an exact replica of the factory one it just has the larger spline inside and includes extended ARP racing studs (standard length studs available upon request). Rated to 600HP with a full 1-year warranty.

Note: This kit includes non-ABS size hubs to fit 88-00 non-ABS Civic knuckles. If you are using 94-01 Integra or 99-00 Si knuckles, please specify during checkout.  ABS Rings are not included on this system, can be installed for an extra $100.00.