Dynamic Performance Coil On Plug Conversion Kit

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So you've made the investment into a COP setup, and you're still having ignition issues? Eliminate the problems before they start, introducing the DP EPM w/ K-Series Coils wiring conversion kit.

  • Separated Ignition Harness
  • Tefzel Wire, Shielded Cam & Crank Signal 
  • Diesel Resistant Shrink w/ Adhesive Lined Junctions
  • Terminated w/ Deutsch DTM Connectors
  • Plug & Play
  • Bseries Only

Hseries kits available!!!!

The full kit will include the following......

Speedfactory billet plate

Conversion Harness 

T1 Trigger Kit 

Oem Kseries Coils (4)

Aem V2 Ecu

These are built with the highest quality components, ensuring a hassle-free ignition solution for seasons to come.

This is on the ESR Civic, La Carla, Alpha Paul's Civic and many of our SFWD/True Street cars. Works Flawless!!

Please check our bundled products on the drop down screen and save.  The last bundle comes with brand new OEM K-Coils.