FCS AWD Rear Differential Mount kit

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Full Bolt-In Rear Differential Mount Kit for AWD conversions in here!

Our modular billet subframe kit will allow you to install your 88-91 Wagon OR 98-06 crv/element rear differential with ease! Our Genuine design was to feature a fully bolt in type kit without the need for any welding of any kind. All that is Required to install this kit is some basic fabrication tools (cut off tool, grinder) and some wrenches you'll be installing this kit in about an hr! 

Notice: This is a full bolt-in kit and requires NO welding of any kind! 

This kit is not engine specific and will work with BOTH Wagon and CRV rear Differentials 

Applications and notes: 

The kit is available for the following models :

88-91 Civic/CRX 92-95 civic all models pre order only 

92-95 civic Del-Sol all models

96-00 civic all models 

89-93 Integra (coming soon) pre-order only 

This kit will require a 88-91 RT4WD Rear Differential or 98-01 CRV element rear differential to convert to AWD

Rear Bolt-In billet subframe brace with sway bar provision, Upper Bolt-In differential support brace.

Requires the removal of a 4” notch clearance & modification of your rear subframe area.

Mounting hardware / FCS cooltool included.

Please Allow 1-2 day lead times on shipping