FCS RACE front fork kit

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fcsrace front fork kit is now available to the public.

track tested and race proven design allows the convenience of removing your cv axles in record time when servicing! 

the signature large mouth allows you to safety remove the cv axle and intermediate shaft out of the fork without the need of removal to do so. 

the saves the hassle of removing and installing loaded suspension componets to properly align the bolt to the a arm. 

large enough for any aftermarket mfg axle to be removed. 


88-00 year models shocks assemblies 

in order to utilize the full function of the fork kit, we cannot use a oem length fork. reason is to allow ample room to allow the upward removal of the spindle assembly to pull the ball joint out of the lca, the oem length fork will not have the proper clearancing to do this.

allow 5-10 day lead times as extra steps are used for heat treating