G-Force Honda B Series Dog Box

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Once again G-Force Transmissions shows why they are rated #1 in customer service and product advancements. Introducing the Honda “B” Series Dog Ring gear set available for Honda and Integra applications. These kits allow for increased horsepower, without giving up stock/factory location.

Advancements include a stronger bottom cluster and a handcuff in place of fifth gear. By utilizing a different bearing on the bottom of the cluster shaft we eliminated the weak design of the “snap ring”. The gears are all dog ring with increased gear width for added strength.

Available ratios:
1st 35/12 2.92
2nd 30/16 1.88
3rd 28/20 1.40
3rd 27/20 1.35
4th 25/23 1.09
4th 24/24 1.0
Final Drive ratios:
52/13 4.0
52/12 4.33
52/11 4.73

We have over 200 combined hard passes in our G-Force Dog Box and propelled our dynamic performance Sport Front Wheel Drive Civic EK Hatch as well as our teammate tommy burdett SFWD Civic Ek coupe to multiple 8 and 7 second passes our first full pass with tommy's ek went 8.0@190mph then backed it up with two back to back 7.9@194 in the heat needless to say we are confident this transmission works don't let your transmission be the reason why you lose a race! This G-Force Dog Box is tested and proven!

Note:  Customers need to provide the transmission housing, limited slip differential, differential bolts, accessories, shift forks, detent springs hardware and reverse gear.  We assemble the gearbox in house for proper clearances. The housing you provide will be used as a core exchange unless it's a billet bell housing.  If you want the same core back, the turnaround time will be approximately be a month and a half for the gear set.  Call the shop for more details.

UPDATE 1/25/13: New Honda B-Series 1/2 slider now available! On the left you will see the old style slider and on the right is the new slider with thinner lugs allowing for more air gap for better shifting. These sliders also have a deeper lug depth so the 2nd gear engages better. On the top is the newest style 2nd gear with .010" added for even more contact on the lugs. We made these improvements because a few customers were rounding off the dogs on the slider and gear. We want to let you know that we listen to your ideas and want to make the best possible product your money can buy. Sliders are $245 and are available for immediate shipping. If you do not already have the new style 2nd gear we have them in stock too for $245