Private Label Mfg. Power Driven B Series 4-1 RMF Header B18 B20 B16

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PLM Power Driven B-Series B18 B20 B16 RMF ( RF ) header features a true 4-1 merge to create equal exhaust flow.  This two piece design delivers the best performance while still can utilize your factory OEM catalytic converter.

With any aftermarket header, the length may differ compared to your stock OEM exhaust manifold.  You may need an adapter pipe for installation.

This PLM B-Series RMF model is hands down the best value, best selling header on the market today!

Key Features:
  • 304 stainless steel
  • A/C and P/S compatible
  • Suitable for all B-Series engines, B16, B18, & B20
  • Ideal for 1.6l - 2.0l engine displacement
  • 2.5" collector outlet 
  • 4-1 merge collector
  • Includes gaskets and hardware
  • One year warranty