Quaife Limited Slip Differential 97-01 Integra Type R

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We've used Quaife LSD differential since we opened our shop in June of 2006.  We have put this differential to the test with multiple low nine second passes at over 160mph.  Hard launches with and an average 60fts in the low 1.50's.  There's no better differential out there in the market.

Quaife Limited Slip Differential fits 97-01 Acure Integra Type R 

All Quaife Differentials come with a LIFE TIME WARRANTY!!! 

Maximizes traction and minimizes wheelspin 
Proven in drag and circuit racing, rallying and road use 
Eliminates torque steer and snatching in fwd cars compared to conventional LSD 
Maintenance free design and retains standard axle lubrication 
Produced from CORUS steel billets throughout 
CAD designed and CNC machined then inspected to ISO 9001 standards 
Used by Ford, GM and Daimler-Chrysler as original equipment 
Massive range available, from Alfa Romeo to Volvo 
Beware of cheap imitations! 
Reliability is total; the ATB Helical LSD units are designed using the latest CAD techniques and are CNC machined to ultra-tight tolerances from the very best CORUS steel billets. The completed units are then subject to rigorous in-house inspection on a tri-coordinate measuring machine before being dispatched to the customer. 

Such quality means that unlike a conventional plate-style LSD the QUAIFE ATB Helical LSD unit requires no special maintenance or rebuilds, long lasting and it retains the standard method of lubrication, making for an easy, pain-free upgrade. 

Proven in rallying, racing and on the road, the ATB Helical LSD differential offers safe, reliable, winning performance – everything you’d expect from a QUAIFE product.