S1 BUILT Cast Aluminum AWD/RWD/FWD Rear Trailing Arms

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Our custom Cast Aluminum Arms are light weight and extremely durable, along the lines of the newly manufactured high-end sports vehicles of today's market. These Arms comes with our custom 1-piece hubs that are available in dual patterns, 4x100 with pre-drilled holes for the option to go 4x114.3. Also available in 5x114.3 as well. These arms are heat treated and weighs approximately 16 lbs fully assembled with hubs, toe adjusters and hardware. Arms without hubs, toe adjusters and hardware weighs approximately 8 lbs. Disk Brakes Mounting Points are built into these Arms, so they are non-compatible with drum brakes. However, they are designed to be compatible with all factory parts and sits in the factory location. Custom Hubs and Toe Adjusters along with Hardware are provided with each set. E-brake Cable Brackets are sold separately.

Our products are made for Off-road use only. Our products full potential is based entirely upon proper installation. Made in the USA. All sales are final.