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DIY(do it yourself) AWD/RWD Kits for OEM/Factory Rear Trailing Arms allows you to convert your stock rear trailing arms to AWD/RWD on your own. This kit comes with a set of the Gusset Back Plates for reinforcement, which is a must have, especially for auto-crossing or time-attack builds. It also comes with our custom 1 piece designed hub and bearing assembly with 23 splines built in, for easier installation. This kit is made compatible with the Wagon, CRV and Element axles. Comes with plate inserts to accommodate the Wagon Axles(larger) as well. Available in 4x100 with pre-drilled holes for the option to go 4x114.3, also available in 5x114.3 as well. So you will no longer have to source your own hubs with this kit. Very suitable for those who are budget builders and would like to fabricate on their own.

A step-by-step demonstration of the installation process is also available on our YouTube Channel under S1Built.    https://youtu.be/G-t9kIsuLeM

Our products are made for Off-road use only. Our products full potential is based entirely upon proper installation. Made in the USA. All sales are final.