S1 BUILT DIY Freelander Driveshaft Conversion

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No need for adaptor plates. Our DIY Freelander Driveshaft Conversion Kits will provide the solution, as the front flange bolts directly onto the CRV/Element Transfer Case and the rear flange bolts directly onto the Wagon, CRV/Element Differential. The Kit includes a Slip Yoke with 1310 joints for the front and rear driveshaft, front spline stubs and rear tube yoke are precision machined to fit the front and rear Freelander Driveshaft. An ideal Kit for those who want to save some money and complete the Freelander Driveshaft Conversion their self. Cutting, welding and balancing of the Driveshaft is a must for proper installation of the Kit to the Driveshaft. 

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