Skunk2 Crank Trigger Wheel - K Series

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How many of you have fallen victim to your K20 or K24 engines timing mysteriously falling out of sync leaving you scratching your head to figure out what is going wrong? We too have ran into the same issue and we fixed it! The factory trigger wheel is made of a very porous low carbon steel and the key-way cracks and breaks off during hard or hi-rev accelerations, thus allowing the timing wheel to slip on the crank assembly “visually looking” perfectly fine, yet throwing the timing off! We’ve even seen these fail on dyno pulls so we know it is happening even on soft start, but during hi-rev pulls. We’ve even seen them “dish-pan” out. We needed a fix so we made one from laser cut 4130 chromoly. FIXED! Spin that RPM! 


• Prevents timing slips at the most critical time
• 4130 chromoly
• Made to spin fast!