Skunk2 B-Series Tuner 2 Camshafts

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These are the same cams we use on our Sport Front Wheel Drive EK Civic.

Gain an extra 15-20 hp and retain your factory idle and low-speed emissions with Skunk2’s Tuner Series Stage 2 Camshafts, our introductory line of high-performance camshafts for Honda’s B-series VTEC engines. Tuner Series Stage 2 Camshafts are designed to optimize horsepower and torque on engines featuring free-flowing intake and exhaust tracts, increased compression, and upgraded valvetrain. As a result, VTEC crossover is dramatic, allowing for that classic primary-to-secondary surge. What’s more, Tuner Series Stage 2 Camshafts have helped power numerous race teams to victory over the years, reaching legendary status the world over. No other line of high-performance camshafts even comes close to Skunk2’s Tuner Series.


Required: Tuner Series Valve Springs, Titanium Retainers.
Recommended: Fuel pressure regulator and/or upgraded fuel injectors, VTEC controller.
For complete lift and duration specifications, see Camshafts Specifications tab below.
Intake Centerline: 94° ATDC
Exhaust Centerline: 112° BTDC
Valve Clearance (Intake / Exhaust): .007” / .008”
RPM Range: 1,500 - 9,000 rpm
HP Gains: 15 - 20 hp
Torque Gains: 16 - 20 lb-ft