SpeedFactory Racing 70mm Throttle Body w/ Thermal Gasket

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Introducing SpeedFactory Racing’s precision cast 70mm Throttle Body for Honda B, D, F, and H series - bolt-on increased airflow, throttle response, and power gains on both naturally aspirated and forced induction applications while retaining smooth throttle operation, drivability, and the ability to fine tune your idle with the plate position & idle air adjustment screws.

This is our recommendation for most street/strip applications ranging from aggressive naturally aspirated to high output forced induction setups because it gives great throttle response and power gains throughout the powerband - all while retaining good smooth drivability characteristics.


  • Precision machined Brass Throttle Plate
  • Fully Machined Tapered Bore
  • Dual Ball Bearings for smooth operation
  • Includes BOTH high quality composite 70mm throttle body gasket and SFR Thermal 70mm Throttle Body Gasket
  • Reduced heat transfer from Thermal Gasket = more power, reduced detonation
  • High quality zinc-plated mounting bolts and TPS hardware are included
  • Designed for use with OEM Throttle Cable and bracket
  • Throttle Plate Stop Adjustment Screw
  • Laser-etched SpeedFactory “SFR/70MM” logo
  • Black Anodized Idle Air Adjustment Screw

NOTE: Manual transmission models only. Not compatible with OEM B18C GSR, ’88-’91 D-Series, or downflow intake manifolds. Does not fit F22C (F20C is ok). Designed for use on most aftermarket intake manifolds, due to larger bore. Any manifold with a throttle body opening of less than 70mm will likely require modifications to keep the IAC passage separate.