SpeedFactory Racing FWD B-Series Billet Bellhousing

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After a year of painstaking development and real-world testing & refinement we are extremely proud to finally release the ultimate choice for your FWD B-Series transmission. Unmatched quality & unrivaled performance, a true work of art.

The SpeedFactory Racing FWD B-Series Billet Bellhousing was designed to be the ultimate billet bellhousing - precise, accurate, & pain-free to build without being unnecessarily bulky and heavy. 

Precision CNC Machined from Solid 6061-T6 Aluminum Billet, our design is only 7.6lbs heavier than the weak cast OEM housing while providing extreme strength and durability needed for the highest-powered street and motorsport applications.

Weighing in at an impressive 6-7lbs lighter than other existing offerings, you will immediately notice the difference in ease of installation/removal and working with it on the bench and can also now take advantage of the ability to get that weight farther forward forward over the nose for better traction and ET's. In a racing environment where thousandths of a second decide whether you win or lose, you can’t afford to not use the best! 

Superior incorporated design elements include:

  • Built-in housing separation feature (makes splitting the cases for servicing a breeze using an existing case bolt)
  • Modified countershaft bearing retention plate location (clears larger diameter aftermarket countershaft teeth while retaining OEM plate and locking tab with no need for any grinding or modification)
  • Clears both GSR/ITR and B16/LS fitment LSD’s
  • Built-in axle seal stop (for easy & precise depth control during installation)
  • Retains OEM oil control features missing in other existing offerings
  • Utilizes x3 shoulder bolts for precise SCHA location

NOTE: Requires assembly and shimming to OEM specifications. It is highly recommended that you have the installation performed by a reputable transmission rebuilding specialist. The SFR FWD B-Series billet bellhousings are designed to work with both OEM style single plate or multiplate twin & triple disc 7.25” clutches and both stock clutch fork & release bearing or hydraulic release bearing. Compatible with all currently known aftermarket gearsets, transfer drive gears, and differentials.

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