Web Cam DP Outlaw Spec Pro Series Camshaft For Honda B Series Engines

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These are the same cams that we use on our SFWD Race Cars and have run a personal best of 7.92@194. We were the first to break the 180MPH and 190MPH barrier in the Sport Front Wheel Drive (SFWD) Class!

Web Cam Pro Series Camshaft kit for B17A/ B18C/ B16A 92-01 DOHC VTEC

Drag Race Application. Requires Web Cam's special rockers and spacers included with this kit. Uses outside lobes only.

Comes complete with two Pro Series Cams, rockers and spacers.

"The PRO Series design is unique in being a one-lobe, one-rocker, one-spring solution. This design reduces total valvetrain mass which is a major plus at high RPMs. The system also uses rocker arms designed with double the surface area of the factory rocker arm. Twice the surface area puts only half the load on the cam lobe and reduces friction. The additional surface area also allows for higher lifts in excess of 0.525 inch. Since the WEB-CAM PRO Series eliminated the lost motion assemblies the oil flow to the cylinder head is drastically reduced. This helps to provide additional oil to the main and rod bearings which is also a plus for trips to the land of 11,000 RPM."

For info/specs/installation instructions for these Pro Series Web Cams, please visit: